Differences Between Epoxy vs.Polyurethane Thin Film Topcoats

Best Local professional contractors - Popular Forum Pages - With its exceptional bonding abilities, the right lower viscosity epoxy types can make excellent primers over properly prepared concrete, even when surfaces are old, worn or imperfect. Slight thicker viscosity product can makes it possible to fill in small cracks and divots, helping to smooth out a previously uneven surface in a way that thin film polyurethane cannot. Epoxy is also extremely hard and provides outstanding durability, providing lasting protection against scratches and abrasions. When used as a topcoat over a concrete surface, a single coat of 100% solids, zero V. Some of epoxy’s popularity can be attributed to its many application options. O. epoxy can typically be applied at 8 to 20 mils (1 mil = 1/1000”) thick, depending on the precise formulation. C. . Epoxy is a hugely popular, cost-effective concrete-treating solution for industrial, commercial and institutional settings, as well as for small business owners and even private individuals ..More

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Choosing an Auto Shop Floor Coating System that Lasts

21 Best industrial contractors - Forum - Ask A Question - While old, contaminated oil, fuel, solvents, and other toxins must be disposed of in accordance with local regulations, even the most careful employees cannot prevent every spill. When a toxic fluid is spilled on a bare concrete slab, it is absorbed by the porous surface, where it accumulates and can eventually seep into the earth below, potentially contaminating groundwater and poisoning wildlife. . Auto repairs and even routine vehicle maintenance necessitate the use and proper disposal of chemical fluids that, if not handled carefully enough, could have severe negative impacts on the health of surrounding ecosystems ..More

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What is the Best Dog Kennel Flooring?

Listings Of technicians - Talk To An Expert - DIY Message Board - Dogs’ nails can scratch up standard facility flooring quickly; animal waste, fluids and urine can damage typical commercial flooring surfaces, allowing germs and unclean odors to permeate throughout the building. . For best results, kennel floors should be highly scratch-resistant, completely impervious and as seamless as possible, with exceptional chemical and stain resistance to urine, bodily fluids and animal waste, offer quick turnaround and low odor installation options, support good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) with no outgassing after full cure, plus be outstandingly durable and budget-friendly ..More

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Epoxy vs. Concrete Staining – Which Flooring Solution is Best?

Popular industrial contractors - Popular Forum Pages - The stains can vary in appearance and durability, but the resulting floor must be regularly treated with waxes or other sealers to maintain the aesthetic appearance. Staining and polishing are two methods for treating the surface of a concrete floor slab. A failure to regularly care for stained concrete can quickly result in a wearing away of the colored surface in high-traffic areas, leaving patches of bare concrete that begin “dusting” as well as absorbing contaminants. . Repair of such areas can be difficult. Stained concrete refers specifically to the process of applying a colored acid- or water-based stain to alter the look of the floor ..More

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