What is the Best Dog Kennel Flooring?

Listings Of contractors - Ask And Expert - Repair DIY Wikipedia - Floors that both look great and provide exceptional durability are called for. For example, in reception areas, public entryways, and offices, design-forward flooring that contributes to a comfortable and welcoming environment for animals and their owners or handlers, and that coordinates with the surrounding décor, can positively influence the organization’s image, level of patronage, funding and even media attention. And yet, since animals frequently accompany their humans in these locations, aesthetics should not be prioritized over high performance. ..More

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Best Flooring for Commercial Use

Find technicians - Ask And Expert - Repair & Service Guide - Fluid-applied flooring’s impermeable, nearly monolithic surface leaves little room for soil and toxins to hide or for germs to proliferate, contributing to a more hygienic and healthful environment. . Another advantage of seamless, polymer coated flooring is what it does not have – the matrix of grime-absorbing grout lines and seams seen in tile floors ..More

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Sustainable Polymer Flooring Options for Facility Managers

Locate licensed contractors - Forum - Inspections & Maintenance - Polymer floor coating systems can be an excellent earth friendly choice. Additionally, even after a polymer floor finally reaches the end of its usable life, it can be used as a substrate for the next floor covering without having to be removed, thus avoiding adding to the growing waste problem. Well-specified, high performance polymer flooring can often outlast other floor coverings by years, requiring fewer instances of removal, replacement, and disposal. . With growing attention paid to government regulations, customer preferences, expectations, and more, facility managers are turning to sustainable flooring and building materials ..More

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Epoxy vs. Concrete Staining – Which Flooring Solution is Best?

Directory listing of professional contractors - Service Consultant Forum Pages - Because an epoxy floor coating is actually a liquid, it can be applied directly to the existing concrete after initial preparation, leaving a virtually seamless, impervious surface.  Additionally, epoxy and other resinous flooring can be used to repair and refurbish existing slabs, adding as much as a quarter inch or more to the surface if needed. Epoxy flooring and other resinous finishes, when correctly selected and properly installed, routinely outperform stained and polished concrete in terms of chemical, acid and solvent resistance, abrasion and stain resistance, cleanability and the low level of required maintenance, slip resistance, ability to withstand thermal shock and extreme temperature cycling and many other important characteristics. . While stained and polished concrete can be useful options for specific applications, the use of epoxy polymers in flooring continues to grow significantly, and with good reason. While stained or polished flooring require that the slab surface be in very good to excellent condition before treatment, epoxy flooring is attractive and highly effectively even on concrete that is uneven, cracked or otherwise damaged ..More

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Choosing an Auto Shop Floor Coating System that Lasts

Locate technicians - Service Contractor Forum Pages - While old, contaminated oil, fuel, solvents, and other toxins must be disposed of in accordance with local regulations, even the most careful employees cannot prevent every spill. Auto repairs and even routine vehicle maintenance necessitate the use and proper disposal of chemical fluids that, if not handled carefully enough, could have severe negative impacts on the health of surrounding ecosystems. When a toxic fluid is spilled on a bare concrete slab, it is absorbed by the porous surface, where it accumulates and can eventually seep into the earth below, potentially contaminating groundwater and poisoning wildlife. ..More

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