Installation Advantages of Pourable Epoxy

Search and locate master contractors - Talk To An Expert - DIY Message Board - . In contrast, pourable epoxy flooring systems provide a grout-line free floor surface that is highly impervious, moisture and chemical resistant. The constant moisture can soon erode the grout and degrade the overall quality of the floor. Additionally, bacteria can begin to grow in and under the moistened areas, resulting in highly unsanitary conditions. In areas such as public restrooms, it’s not uncommon to see broken or chipped tiles, or pieces of grout missing in ceramic tile floors. This is a result of water and cleaning fluids seeping into the flooring system along the innumerable grout lines ..More

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Choosing Tavern Flooring: What to Consider

Search and locate industrial contractors - DIY Help Center - . In the food and hospitality industries, image plays an integral role in attracting guests, setting the mood of the establishment, and by extension, determining its identity. The feeling guests get when they first enter will determine if a tavern is a quiet, cozy place for casual conversation or a more boisterous place to get away from everyday troubles, and the aesthetic of the flooring is part of what goes into forming that powerful first impression ..More

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Differences Between Epoxy vs.Polyurethane Thin Film Topcoats

Locate professional contractors - Pro Forums Faq Pages - Polyurethane on average also has roughly three times the abrasion resistance properties of typical epoxy, and provides much stronger protection against harsh chemical solvents. . In addition, urethanes — specifically the aliphatic types – are UV resistant and can maintain their color over time, even in areas with sun exposure. However, they are also much more flexible, allowing them to be exceptionally effective in absorbing impact. C. polyurethane topcoats tend to require much thinner application, coming in at a nominal 2 to 3 mils dry film thickness. Compared to epoxy, today’s ultra-high solids, low V. O ..More

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Sustainable Polymer Flooring Options for Facility Managers

Locate Nearby master contractors - Blogs On Diagnosis & Repair - With growing attention paid to government regulations, customer preferences, expectations, and more, facility managers are turning to sustainable flooring and building materials. Well-specified, high performance polymer flooring can often outlast other floor coverings by years, requiring fewer instances of removal, replacement, and disposal. Additionally, even after a polymer floor finally reaches the end of its usable life, it can be used as a substrate for the next floor covering without having to be removed, thus avoiding adding to the growing waste problem. Polymer floor coating systems can be an excellent earth friendly choice. ..More

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Best Flooring for Commercial Use

Popular nationwide professional contractors - Forum With Contractors - In a commercial setting, the flooring system must be able to safely withstand high levels of foot traffic, be aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean and maintain. Many common flooring solutions require extensive upkeep and can incur damage that is both unattractive and potentially hazardous. ..More

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