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Directory Listing Of technicians - Repair & Service Blogs - Skid-resistant floor surfaces can help reduce the risk of slip and fall events. Any area with a high level of traffic can eventually experience a liquid or dry spill. It’s therefore essential to choose a flooring system that can help minimize hazards. Visitor and employee safety is of course a top priority. Epoxy and other resinous floor coatings are engineered to be slip resistant, and are applied directly to a prepared concrete substrate, creating an even, virtually seamless surface. Likewise, uneven surfaces can create dangerous tripping hazards and should be avoided. ..More

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Installation Advantages of Pourable Epoxy

Locate Nearby professional contractors - Blog - Inspections & Maintenance - . Pourable epoxy provides a virtually seamless option for facility flooring, offering a highly durable solution for a variety of requirements. In addition to their monolithic surface and excellent durability, epoxy floor coatings meet requirements such as: ..More

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Choosing Tavern Flooring: What to Consider

Find best 10 commercial contractors - Local Contractor Blogs - Between customers and employees, taverns experience high levels of foot traffic on a daily basis, making it important to choose tavern grade flooring that is durable enough to withstand significant wear and tear without needing to be replaced regularly. Some polymer flooring solutions are also able to withstand extreme temperatures and prolonged moisture, making them the perfect option for walk-in freezers, dish washing stations and similar spaces. . Priorities for the front and back areas of the establishment differ in that aesthetics are far more important in the front, where customers will be located, but there are some functional concerns that carry over between these two areas, including: • Slip Resistance. As nonporous, seamless alternatives to other traditional flooring options, epoxy and other resinous floor coatings have the advantage of providing fewer spaces where bacteria and other harmful microorganisms are able to flourish. The last thing a property manager wants to deal with is a publicized and potentially costly slip-and-fall accident. Grout lines between tiles, seams between panels, and cracks or scratches are all examples of small areas that can attract dust, spilled substances, and microorganisms, and are difficult to fully clean. Heavy foot traffic, both of customers and employees, demands attention to safety. Where food and drink are purchased and consumed, there will always be a risk of spillage, and patrons coming into the tavern from the outdoors can track in rain and melting snow. A coating that is applied as a liquid has the advantage of covering the floor space evenly, virtually without seams or cracks, and antimicrobial options are available. • Durability. Food preparation and consumption demand attention to cleanliness. • Hygienic Properties ..More

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Sustainable Polymer Flooring Options for Facility Managers

10 Best reputed technicians - Tips - Service Advice - inspections, maintenance, replacements & upgrades - . From the start of the process, polymer flooring is an eco-friendly option. And today’s reputable manufacturers’ products nearly all contain very low to no VOCs. Upon request, fluid-applied resinous flooring can be comprised of recycled materials, including recycled glass content. The more recycled content gets employed in flooring and other construction materials, the less natural sand and other aggregates get mined directly from the earth ..More

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