Best Flooring for Commercial Use

Find residential contractors - Blogs On Diagnosis & Repair - Floor designs can also be customized to support company image with brand logos or messages. Patterns and markings can delineate safe zones and facilitate wayfinding. Glossy finishes, for example, reflect more light and contribute to a brighter, more open environment. . Different colors and textures of floor coatings may be used to create a specific effect or be used in conjunction with one another to subtly differentiate between departments or functions within the facility ..More

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Differences Between Epoxy vs.Polyurethane Thin Film Topcoats

Popular nationwide emergency contractors - Technician Blogs - . In addition, urethanes — specifically the aliphatic types – are UV resistant and can maintain their color over time, even in areas with sun exposure. Polyurethane on average also has roughly three times the abrasion resistance properties of typical epoxy, and provides much stronger protection against harsh chemical solvents. However, they are also much more flexible, allowing them to be exceptionally effective in absorbing impact. O. Compared to epoxy, today’s ultra-high solids, low V. C. polyurethane topcoats tend to require much thinner application, coming in at a nominal 2 to 3 mils dry film thickness ..More

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Choosing an Auto Shop Floor Coating System that Lasts

Locate Nearby master contractors - Service Contractor Forum Pages - . It must be resistant both to punctures and to scratching, and cannot afford to have weak spots that are susceptible to cracks and breaks. Any viable auto shop flooring solution needs to be able to withstand prolonged exposure to heavy loads, high impact forces, sustained foot and vehicle traffic, and harsh chemical cleaning agents. Polymer resin chemistries have the advantage over other flooring options, as the products are virtually seamless, providing a smoother work surface, as well as eliminating the tendency of panels or tiles to crumble and   deteriorate around the edges or where the seams intersect ..More

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Decorative Epoxy Flooring – Creating a Look for Every Facility

Listings Of industrial contractors - Service Company Blogs - . Beyond to the numerous advantages of seamless, slip-resistant, durable flooring systems, decorative epoxy flooring can also be used to create a unique look for nearly every facility. From food processing plants and restaurants to auto dealerships and semi-conductor factories, from hospitals and veterinary clinics to data centers and biotech labs, every facility has different flooring needs, not only in function but also aesthetically ..More

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